About Me

Techie, globetrotter, triathlete – that’s me in a nutshell. Having lived in nine countries so far (and having visited countless more), I saw a lot of amazing things, but also a lot of potential to make our world an even better place! And that’s precisely what I want to do: positively impact the world – which goes along with my two main interests: ethical artificial intelligence and fighting for basic education for every child in the world. Other things that make me happy include (but are not limited to) triathlon, ultimate frisbee, driving, reading, and cooking in no particular order.

That’s me! Photo Credit: Max Lamparth

I also have a sweet tooth for crazy out-of-the-box ideas and adventures. In 2018, I drove a mini motorcycle around the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan. How I got there, you ask? Long story that I am happy to tell, but essentially I took an Opel Corsa that I bought on eBay for 300 € and drove it from Germany to Mongolia and back. I told you, I like crazy.