About Me

I’m a CS Ph.D. Student at the Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory at Stanford University, advised by Prof. Mykel Kochenderfer. My goal is to contribute to responsible AI systems with technical and governance solutions. Questions I’m interested in include: How can we include ethical principles in AI systems? How can we make these systems more explainable to ensure they behave ethically? And what is the best way to govern AI systems from a corporate and a political perspective?

If you catch me outside of work, I’m an adventurous traveler – 50 countries and counting – an avid reader, cook, and casual ultimate frisbee player! Besides that, I can be interested in and love to talk about almost everything but among my favorite topics are Eintracht Frankfurt (my favorite soccer club), the situation of careleavers, and my research of course (or anything responsible-AI-related, really!). Not a big fan of small talk though!

I also like meeting new people over a cup of tea. Feel free to reach out at anka [at] cs.stanford.edu or DM me on Twitter (@AnkaReuel).

That’s me!

I also have a sweet tooth for crazy out-of-the-box ideas and adventures. In 2018, I drove a mini motorcycle around the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan. How I got there, you ask? Long story that I am happy to tell, but essentially I took an Opel Corsa that I bought on eBay for 300 € and drove it from Germany to Mongolia and back. I told you, I like crazy.